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Invite telethon kids institute to come to your class and conduct one of our hands on curriculum linked workshop. Open to schools across Perth metro, Western Australia, our primary school incursions are suitable for students in Years 1-6 and cost $5 + GST per student. If your total number of students is below 25 a flat rate of $125 + GST applies.

Download the Workshop School Incursion document to find out more about what our school incursions involve.

We currently have the following topics on offer for our 2022 school incursion program.

Year 1-2

Poo and You

Learn about the different organs that make up our digestive system in this fun and messy workshop where your students will get to track the journey from food to poo.

Years 3-4

Get a Lung of This

Students discover the power of the lungs and make some slimy mucous to investigate how this affects kids with chronic respiratory illnesses like Cystic Fibrosis.

Years 3-6

How sweet It Is

Students investigate the role of sugar and insulin in their bodies and how they affect people with diabetes, by measuring the level of glucose in sugary drinks.


Students will discover the world of germs through two different experiments including an ongoing experiment of growing germs on bread and an experiment that looks at how good they are at applying hand sanitiser.

To see our full curriculum links click here.

Telethon Kids has a number of free incursions to offer to disadvantage schools with as ICSEA score of less than 1000. If you would like to apply for a free or discounted incursion, please contact us at

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There are limited sessions available throughout 2022, so book your school incursion today by registering your interest and we'll be in touch!

For information on Telethon Kids Institute's science incursions for primary schools, check out our FAQs below or email the Outreach & Education team at


Try out an excursion program prior to booking by joining us at our next Science & Sip!

  • What age groups are the workshop school incursion sessions suitable for?
  • What costs are involved when booking a workshop school incursion?
  • What areas do the workshop school incursion sessions cater for?
  • What is the process for payment for the workshop school incursion?
  • What happens if we need to cancel the workshop school incursion?
  • How many students can the workshop school incursion program accommodate?
  • Do all staff visiting our school for the workshop school incursion have a current ‘Working with Children Check’ (WWC)?
  • Do school staff members need to be present during the workshop school incursion?
  • What can we do to prepare for a workshop school incursion session?
  • Can I visit Telethon Kids Institute to find out more prior to booking a primary school incursion or excursion?