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Do something different for your next birthday party or vacation care excursion by booking a private workshop at the Telethon Kids Discovery Centre!

Suitable for smaller groups (minimum number 10; maximum number 20),our workshops cover topics related to science, health and research for children aged 5-12 years old. Each workshop is 1 hour long and includes a fun and hands-on science or health-related activity, delivered by a real-life researcher! 

Workshop topics that we currently offer are:

Poo and You! 

Have you ever wondered how the food we eat travel through our bodies and give us the energy we need? Learn about the different organs that make up our digestive system in this fun and messy workshop where you’ll get to track the journey from food to poo with the help of our gut microbiome researchers. It’s a rather sticky and gross process, but lots of practical fun! This is one of our most popular workshops. Recommended for children aged 5 – 8 years old 


What’s in Your Blood 

Learn about the composition of blood and the different roles each part plays by creating blood which you can take home. There’s no need to be squeamish, as we’ll be creating our blood sample using edible ingredients. Then take your learning to the next level and think like a scientist through a hands-on investigation where you’ll get to explore different blood types and their compatibility. Don’t worry - no animals or humans have been harmed in the making of this workshop! Recommended for children aged 9 – 12 years old. 

Please note that our private workshops: 

  • Are suitable for groups of 10 children (minimum) to 20 children (maximum) 
  • Are dependent on researcher availability 
  • Are available Monday to Friday 
  • Cost $15.00 + GST per child

Download our Private Booking Terms & Conditions.

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If you would like to lengthen the time your group spends exploring the Telethon Kids Institute, we recommend booking Exclusive Use of the Discovery Centre. For an additional $50.00 + GST booking fee, this will give your group exclusive use of the Telethon Kids Institute’s Discovery Centre for up to 1-hour and can optionally include a tour of our lab facilities. Please let our team know if you are interested in this option by mentioning it in the Questions and Comments section below.  

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