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Read All About Lungs!

The lungs are one of the largest organs in our body and allow us to breathe. Learn about allergens in the air and how they can affect your lungs if you have an allergy. Read about asthma and what you should do if you have an asthma attack. Then test your knowledge by answering the quiz!

Label the Lungs

Do you know what our lungs do for us? Lungs help us with many things in addition to respiration. They help us to make sounds, such as when we are talking, and protect our bodies from microbes by using mucous. Label the parts of the lungs using the words provided.

Paint Your Own Set of Lungs

Did you know your lungs have about 600 million tiny balloon-like parts called alveoli? These tiny air sacs have pores in them to help you breathe in oxygen. The porous surface of a lung makes them feel and look like an actual sponge! Use a sponge to make your own set of lungs in this fun craft activity.

Make Your Own Slime

A build-up of slimy mucus in the lungs is a serious problem for people with chronic respiratory issues. Make some gooey slime and investigate how scientists are trying to stop slime from damaging kids’ lungs.

Colouring In

Did you know 1 in 9 Aussie kids have asthma? Find out one type of medicine that can help people with asthma by downloading this colouring in page!

Build a Lung Model

Have you ever wondered how your lungs work? Researchers from our Children’s Lung Health Team show you how to make a simple lung model by using common household items.

Lung Capacity Experiment

Ever wondered how much air your lungs can hold? Find out in this experiment where you'll get to measure your lung capacity using a plastic bottle, water and a bowl. Will your lung capacity change after doing some exercise?

Meet Researcher Denby

Denby is one of our superhero researchers in the Children's Lung Health team. Hear about what she does to help kids with respiratory problems and learn all about how your lungs work.