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Read All About Your Gut!

Learn about the microbiome community that lives inside your tummy. Read about how the foods we eat break down into poo and why researchers and doctors study poo samples under microscopes. Then test your knowledge by answering the quiz!

Design a Healthy Meal

Healthy food helps our bodies grow strong and avoid problems later. But did you know we need to be having 2 serves of fruit and 5 of vegetables to keep our bodies healthy? Design a healthy meal by drawing some fruits and vegetables on the plate provided.

From Food to Poo

Our bodies can turn the food we eat into energy and fuel. This process is called digestion and it means lots of our organs working together to break down foods in different ways. Follow the journey of how food turns into poo by labelling the different parts of the digestive system!

Making Meringues

Meringues are delicious and easy to make with only four ingredients. Plus it can also teach us a lot about proteins. In this hands-on activity guide, let’s get cooking and learning!

Make Your Own Microbiome

Our microbiome community is made up of 380,000 billion bacteria. Use objects around the house to recreate your very own slimy and squishy microbiome in this fun hands-on activity.

Crossword Puzzle

Complete the crossword puzzle by testing your knowledge of healthy food and answering the questions.

Colouring In

Can you name different types of fruits? Here’s a fun colouring in sheet featuring some of our favourite fruits for you to download!

Colouring In

Are you having 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables every day? See if you can name all of the fruits and vegetables featured on this fun colouring in sheet!

Making Homemade Yoghurt

Did you know that not all bacteria are bad for you? Make some homemade yoghurt to learn about the beneficial bacteria in our gut that helps us digest and break down the food we eat.

Meet Researcher Naomi

Meet Naomi, one of our researchers in the Children's Diabetes Centre. Naomi's background as a dietitian has helped her research into the importance of good nutrition for kids to live happy and healthy lives. Listen to Naomi as she explains why what we eat is important, particularly for kids with type 1 diabetes.