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Meet Our Superhero Researchers

Learn about the different areas of health and science our superhero researchers work in at the Telethon Kids Institute. Meet our team of superhero researchers and design your own!

Inside the Lab

Some of our superhero researchers at Telethon Kids work in laboratories. Learn about different equipment you might find in a laboratory by exploring one of our labs. Use the words at the bottom to label the gadgets some of our superhero researchers use. Can you think of some important rules our researchers need to remember when working in the lab?

Inside the Clinic

Did you know not all our researchers work in a lab? Learn about clinics and explore the gadgets and tools our superhero researchers might use. Play ‘I Spy’ and see how many tools and gadgets you can spot in the picture! Learn about what some of the gadgets are used for in the matching activity.

Spot the Difference

Some of our superhero researchers work in the community, including in remote and regional parts of Australia. Look at the two images of a community where our researchers work – can you spot 10 differences between the two images?

Word Search

Find all the words related to the research we do at Telethon Kids Institute in this word search. The remaining letters spell out our mission!

Make a Skeleton

Learn about how our superhero researchers use x-ray machines to look inside the body. Can you cut out the skeleton body parts and glue them back together to form the human body?

Colouring In

If you love science, then you’ll love this! Here’s a fun colouring in sheet for you to get creative with.

Telethon Kids Lab Tour

Let our superhero researcher Aarti show you what is behind the doors of the new Telethon Kids labs.

Superheroes in Training

To be good at something we all need to learn and practice! At the Telethon Kids Institute, we have around 100 students who are in training to become real researchers. Meet one of these students in training, Breana Weston.

If I Were a Scientist...

If you were a scientist, what would you discover? Download and print this activity sheet to write down your thoughts on the magnifying glass. Then get creative and colour the rest of the pictures in!

Where in Your Body?

Test your knowledge about the human body by playing this fun card game. Play with your friends and flip the question cards over to reveal each answer. Challenge yourself to see how many questions you can answer correctly about the human body!

Quiz Me!

Telethon Kids researchers use data and analysis to find solutions and understand information. Play the role of a researcher in this activity where you need to interview your friends and family to find the answer to the question: what is the most popular fruit?

The Power of Why

Our superhero researchers never stop asking questions to make sure that all kids live happy and healthy lives. By asking why, they are able to solve some of the trickiest health problems that affect kids every day. Do you have any questions that begin with why? Record them on the thought bubbles on this activity sheet!

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method is a tool researchers use to come up with an answer to a question, regardless of what they are trying to learn. Follow the Scientific Method and conduct your own research by downloading this poster!