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Label Parts of the Ear

Learn some fun facts about our ears. Did you know when tiny germs get into our ears, they can really hurt? Our researchers are studying ear infections and trying to find ways to prevent them. Can you name the parts of the ear using the words provided?

Word Search

Some of our superhero researchers are Ear Explorers! They spend lots of time learning about ears and studying how we use our ears to hear. They use this information to try and find ways to prevent kids from getting ear infections. Can you find all the words related to ear health in the word search?

Colouring In

Learn about the parts of the ear through this colouring in sheet which you can download and get creative with!

Good Vibrations

What would happen if you had a tear in your eardrum? Make a model eardrum to learn about how we use our ears to hear and why it's important to keep our ears healthy.