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Good Cells and Bad Cells

Our body is made up of 200 different types of cells. Did you know we have good cells and bad cells in our body? Read the clues and decide whether each cell is a good cell or a bad cell. Then colour the cells in.

Make a DNA Bracelet

This step-by-step guide will show you how to make a bracelet with your name in DNA code! Grab some beads and string and let’s create a beautiful piece of jewellery while we learn about the DNA in our cells. 

Word Search

Do you know what DNA stands for? Our researchers study DNA to find out about the causes of disease and hunt for cures. Find all the words related to DNA in this fun word search.

Colouring In

Our superhero researchers use microscopes to see tiny things that are too small to see with your eyes alone. Have some fun and colour in this microscope!

Colouring In

Explore the structure of the DNA with this fun colouring in sheet for you to download and get creative with!

Make a Blood Sample

Do you know what blood is made of? Find out in this hands-on activity where you get to make a blood sample using everyday ingredients. Shake your blood sample to mix all the components together, then let it sit for the components to separate, just like how it would look if it has been placed inside a centrifuge.

Meet Researcher Saraya

Meet PhD student Saraya from the Translational Genetics team. Learn about how changes in the DNA can sometimes lead to rare genetic diseases in kids and the critical work our superhero researchers do to help with early diagnosis and treatment.