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Painted Handshake

Teach your class about how quickly germs can spread between a group of people through this fascinating investigation using paint and a simple handshake. The lesson includes microscopic images of viruses and bacteria, as well as a worksheet for students to record their findings.

Recommended for Years 3 – 5.

The Fizz Virus

One student in the class has got the fizz virus but can you guess who? In this investigation, students try and guess who caught the fizz virus by “sharing” drinks and learning about how viruses and bacteria can spread. The lesson includes recording similarities and differences between viruses and bacteria on a Venn Diagram.

Recommended for Years 5 – 6.

The Science of Soap

Students conduct a simple experiment to find out what agitation does to soap and how effective it is for cleaning stains from a piece of material. Introduce students to variables as they learn the importance of a fair test using the investigation planner.

Recommended for Years 3 – 6.